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Bequeen leading in Pakistan bridal fashion industry

Bequeen is the globally acknowledged and renowned brand of the modern age. Over the past years, the brand has become a famous name to design perfect wedding outfits for outfits for national and international customers. In the current era of social media where consumers select their brands on the basis of customer reviews, Bequeen is setting high trends in the market. With a huge number of Facebook and Instagram followers that regularly add the Bequeen products to their carts to those who choose Bequeen items for their wish list; the brand is becoming successful every day. Over the period of the previous 40 years, the brand has successfully succeeded in achieving greater client ratios, whether it is local clients or foreign customers Bequeen has become the first choice of all. Other than Bequeen no other bridal fashion brand over these past years understood the modern trends and demands of the changing wedding attires. This standard site has created an experience for almost any brand or other fashion vendors to create its own content. Bequeen has ruled the world indirectly and does not want people who have worked for their wedding couture’s; as their own brand, but the story they want to explain. The brand has always launched a diverse range of its bridal products and has succeeded in introducing new trends to the fashion industry; not only this the brand has experienced a huge increase in its sales, i.e. 100 to 150% over this time span.

The Bridal Couture at Bequeen has offered elegant and well-designed bridal dresses to its prestigious customers. It has the honor of designing and delivering the magnificent bridal dress of the daughter of Mr. Munawar Memon who is the brother of Ex DG FIA. Mr. Bashir Memon in Pakistan. Bequeen has become the first choice of several Hindu and Sikh brides, Dr.PriyaPanjwani, Mr. AkashDeepSingh, Dr. Ssehrish gurbiani, Mr. Santosh Kumar, Dr. Prianka and many others have rightly chosen Bequeen as their wedding guide.It has also positively served several international customers. The brand has a massive portfolio and also a huge number of international client reviews. The subtle elegance of Bequeen has proved to be a successful talent by assisting the hundreds of Brides in their wedding attire. Miss. JaveriaQazi from the USA, Mr. IllahiBaksh, Soomro from Canada, Miss JannatBai from the USA, and Miss Lubna from the USA are just a few of the well-known names that the brand has dedicatedly served.



The unique details of Bequeen’s wedding outfits and the fine details in every piece have made it reach the higher steps of success and mastery. The Brand has developed a unique sense of luxury and mastery with an exemplary touch of modernism and a blend of traditional designs which has led it in the market as a trendsetter and as an attraction for all the young Brides. The most important targeted work of Bequeen is its attractive transparency and noble forms that are the purest of its development. Whichever ranks it achieves Bequeen is always aimed at being dedicated to serving women, and to celebrate their femininity, timeless elegance and unique appeal.