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Lavish Pakistani Weddings

If there is one moment for which the Pakistani people are the most emotional than anyone else, it is marriage! Pakistanis take it as a cultural reason to celebrate a great many marriages. As for weddings in the country, pocket depth is used to evaluate the results of the festival. Lavish weddings have become a trend and a necessity of the current generation.

The lavish wedding is a trend in Pakistan comprises of Mayon, Mehndi, Shendi, NikkahRuxsati and Walima each receive a large sum of money happily. As per the prevailing trends of Instagram, Snap Chat and many other social networking sites, the extravagant weddings have turned out to be a must for the upper class of the nation. New gatherings like bridal showers, BarriDholki, çotidholki, Baithak, sangeet and many more are some of the several functions organized to uplift the wedding hues. Now in Pakistan, the wedding begins with pre-nikah and mandatory parties. Having a wedding dress in the garment is a big problem, because it should be a designer, and the value is laziness.

Long-term luxury marriages have become a trend in Pakistan today. Due to the holiday decorations and dishes suitable for the king, the wedding in Pakistan is not limited to royal activities in the world.

Today, there are four basic functions in the middle wedding (the nikkah is now a separate event!) on which an average person spends almost 7 million rupees. These are the arrangements for each event in a lavish banquet hall or in a large tent, beautifully decorated menus and single tile menus, including cash, one-time, guardable wedding dresses, heavy gold jewelry and expensive romantic cosmetics.

The tendency of professional photography and luxury arrangements for the hotel or circus became the task of the wedding. Moreover, this is not the end, but special wedding cakes have become an important factor in today’s marriages. Everything from dance to DJ costs thousands of dollars, and if money does not come out of a common man’s pocket, that’s absolutely not a joke. All these trends are not only followed by celebrities but by every person who can afford them, though it is quite challenging for ordinary people. However, these developments threaten our culture and standards. The trending Munush, Urhan and Aineeb and many other weddings prompt a desire in every common man to experience an extravagant “Big Day”.

In the present prevailing environment, it is not easy for a middle-class family to organize a wedding based on current trends. There are people who cannot afford this trend but are helplessly pressed in between the following and the un-following. Nevertheless, the lavish money throwing people do not represent the whole society. Generally, most people in society can handle this trend, but few elites can afford it. It is wrong for us to make our class of “modern builders”. However, many strongly opposing people are also ought to make arrangements as per the modern trends owing to the fear of society or as a result of the pressure created by the groom’s family etc. There is yet a dire need to let the people live as per their desires and also one should follow the direction guided by his/ her pocket and not the trends or the upper class.